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 Samantha      Marsh

  Primary Lead Guide

Diana is a mom, doula, and lover of the Montessori Method. She first started researching and implementing the methodology in 2015 when her son was born. Her family joined the DMS community in 2017 and has been a part of the school ever since. Diana loves how Montessori is tailored to each child and how it nurtures a natural love of learning. Diana also strongly believes in fostering children's confidence by giving them autonomy and practicing emotive language, as used in the Montessori Method. Diana is bilingual and is excited to bring an integrative method of learning Spanish to the classroom as well. 

Emily Ziegenfelder

Toddler Lead Guide

While working in the public school system, Emily was introduced to the Montessori philosophy by Laura Tidmore. Emily loves the way the Montessori method addresses each child as an individual and promotes independence.  She loves the energy and curiosity of children 18 months – 3 years old, and delights in watching them develop self-sufficiency.

Before graduating from Troy University, Emily moved back to the Dothan area to complete her teaching internship. She and her husband Brandon met shortly after her graduation and were married in 2014. They enjoy going to the lake with family and hanging out with friends. On most weekends in the fall, you can find them in Auburn cheering on the AU Tigers. Emily loves spending time with her family, Taco Tuesday, and going on an occasional bike ride.

Emily has always loved kids and has worked with them in many capacities. She has babysat, worked in a daycare, and taught Kindergarten and First Grade. She is ecstatic to continue what she loves here at DMS as an AMS certified Toddler Guide.

Samantha has always enjoyed working with children and has spent many years babysitting and nannying. She first was introduced to the Montessori Method when DMS was in its early stages of development. Samantha fell in love with the philosophy and loves how the Method fosters independence and allows the child to make their own choices based on their own internal motivation.

Samantha has recently finished training through the Center for Guided Montessori Studies and is Montessori Certified for teaching the Primary classroom ages 3-6. 

When not at school, Samantha enjoys spending time with her husband and their 4-year-old daughter, Charlee Grace. 


     Primary Assistant Guide

  Nicola Wood

    Toddler Assistant Guide